tavern Ushi no Hone Anaza - Famous Restaurant in Karasuma Oike.



Made with fresh fish and vegetables
from Japan.
Delicious and healthy Japanese food.

Over 100-year-old traditional machiya home along Sanjo-dori road in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. You can feel the design of Japan in both the exterior and interior of the restaurant. Ushi no Hone Anaza serves traditional Japanese cuisine. Fresh fish and vegetables are procured from Kyoto's Tango Peninsula and all over Japan.
Because of Japan's distinct four seasons , you can enjoy the different delicacies in each season. Such seasonal delicacies are used to make "obanzai," Kyoto's traditional home cooking that you can enjoy to your heart's content.


*All prices include taxes.

4,500yen Meal Course

This meal course is for enjoying high-quality Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices.
Tempura is especially recommended.
Fresh shrimp and seasonal vegetables covered in batter and deep fried into crispy tempura that is loved by many.

  • コース
  • 料理

Course Details

  • ・Three kinds of seasonal sashimi.
  • ・Assorted tempura (shrimp and seasonal vegetables).
  • ・Charcoal-grilled Kyoto chicken and vegetables.
  • ・Famous Ushi no Hone stew (with baguette).
  •  or
  • ・Beef teriyaki steak (rice included)
  • ・Japanese ramen
  • ・Kyoto warabimochi (bracken starch mochi)
Your choiceof
special delicacies
For the main dish, you can choose either the famous beef stew loved by customers since the restaurant's founding or the sweet-and-sour wagyu beef teriyaki steak. Tell us your choice.
Famous Ushi no Hone stew
(With baguette)


Beef teriyaki steak
(Rice included)

5,800yen Meal Course

Besides the famous Japanese cuisine of sushi,
different varieties of "obanzai" are also included in this one rank higher meal.
Enjoy many special delicacies cooked in simple ways to bring out their true delicious flavor.


Nigiri Sushi
Fresh fish is carefully prepared as sushi piece by piece on the same day it is procured. The appeal of sushi are the different flavors and textures of each type of seafood.
Japanese seasonal food is provided in small portions in small bowls.The dishes are presented in a beautiful way and you can enjoy the warmth of Kyoto's home cooking.



Course Details

  • ・Five types of seasonal appetizers.
  • ・Three kinds of sashimi recommended by the
     head chef.
  • ・Assorted tempura
      (shrimp, fresh seafood, and seasonal vegetables).
  • ・Five pieces of sushi.
  • ・Charcoal-grilled Japanese black wagyu beef
     and vegetables.
  • ・Japanese ramen
  • ・Kyoto warabimochi (bracken starch mochi)


Ushi no Hone Anaza
15-1 Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto 604-8083
Getting There
walk from Kawaramachi Station
or Karasuma Station on the
Hankyu Kyoto Line.
walk from Karasuma-Oike Station
on the Tozai or Karasuma subway line.
Operating Hours:
48 seats
Maximum capacity for parties:
20 people (when seated)